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By Lisa / August 28, 2020

10.000 feet beyond man and time

"I am now telling the story of Zarathustra. The basic concept of the work, the idea of eternal recurrence, this...

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By Lisa / August 1, 2020

Impressions from the Engadin

Hello my dear gentlemen, I hope you can enjoy the summer months and have a great time full of positive,...

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By Lisa / July 10, 2020

Information regarding a date with me in the Engadine

Grüezi and Allegra! I am pleased that you are interested in arranging a date with me in the Engadine! I...

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By Lisa / July 1, 2020

My paradise on earth

"I saw a lot of landscapes and I liked almost all of them and probably the most beautiful and most...

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By Lisa / June 6, 2020

The pleasure of erotic role playing

I am often asked by interested men about the exact meaning of erotic role playing, the options, how it works...

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